Why Use Aer-Mart Air Conditioning?

Why Use Aer-Mart Air Conditioning? 2019-08-20T12:20:54+01:00

We believe in excellent service, and giving our customers value for money. As a result, our policies include the following:

  • Liability Insurance
  • Workmans Compensation
  • Faulty Workmanship Insurance

We use no sub-contractors, and all of the following services are carried out by our own qualified technicians:

  • Air Conditioner Installations
  • Air Conditioner Services
  • Air Conditioner Repairs

Experience Matters

Our years of experience in the sale, installation, service and repair or air conditioners makes us experts in the field. Whatever your air conditioning needs are, Aer-Mart has the solution for you. We won’t just sell you an air conditioner, we can even help you plan and design a full office ventilation solution.

We’re qualified to repair and service all makes of air conditioners, and our clients are assured of the highest standards of workmanship at all times.

So whether you’re looking for a new air conditioner, or you need a service or repairs for your old one, Aer-Mart offers you unbeatable quality, workmanship and professionalism to meet your every air conditioning need.

The Benefits of Air Conditioning

Cooling: Enjoy your perfect indoor temperature throughout the year, be it in your office or home. The comfort conditions created by an air conditioner helps an individual keep cool which in turn makes them more productive. Aircon also helps lessen heat fatigue and lowers humidity which improves job performance at work.

Convenient Heat: Residential and commercial air conditioners provide immediate heat, ideal for those cold South African winters.

Better Health: Air conditioners remove airborne allergens and mold growth, as well as reducing dust mites. Because the air is free from dust and dirt particles as well as microorganisms and bacteria, this promotes a healthy working or living environment.

Improves Air Quality: If an air conditioning installation is good and well maintained, then it will renew and improve your overall air quality.