Airconditioning units are covered by a standard 2 year all parts and 5 year compressor warranty.  (Certain units the warranty may differ please see the product information)

The Warranty is subject to servicing being maintained in line with the servicing standards and carried out 6 monthly at the client’s cost.  (Servicing may have to be more frequently depending on the environment the units are installed in, i.e.  a corrosive environment and other contributing factors that may play a role in servicing been required frequently) The units warranty will only be valid if the unit is installed by AerMart  or a recognised approved dealer.  If the services are not carried out as per the above or not installed by an approved dealer the warranty will become null and void.

Corrosive environment requirements (non-compliance will invalidate this warranty): • Corrosive environments include, but are not limited to, sea, mining and manufacturing environments. • The product must have no direct line of sight to the source of the corrosive exposure or corrosive elements and must be surrounded by an appropriate corrosion barrier with adequate ventilation. • All products installed within 500 metres of the source of the corrosive exposure or elements must be treated by additional protective treatments.

This warranty covers defects caused by original manufacturing faults, defective manufacturing assembly, or faulty material. It does not cover defects as a result of incorrect installation or subsequent services. It also does not extend to repairs, replacement of parts, maintenance or service necessitated by normal wear and tear, incorrect operation, failure to properly maintain, use of improper cleaning methods, infestation by insects or vermin, maltreatment of the product, misuse or excessive use which will be use in excess of 70 (seventy) hours per week, connection to an incorrect voltage, power surges or load shedding, damage caused by lightning, accidents, flooding, fire, acts of God, public disturbances, accidental damage, rust and corrosion (due to the environment or otherwise), work carried out by persons other than AerMart or an authorised dealer, or being incorrectly sized for the application/use required according to authorised dealer’s or its representatives’ recommendations. In cases of dispute, repairs, replacement of spare parts, maintenance and service shall be deemed to be beyond the scope of this warranty unless the purchaser is able to prove to the contrary.

During the period of the warranty, defects covered by the warranty will be repaired as per the schedule by the installing dealer (or another authorised dealer), with only the cost of the parts covered. Spare parts necessary for any repairs covered by the warranty will be supplied by the relevant supplier.

AerMart shall not be responsible, without limitation, for any charges for dismantling or reassembling the product for repair, any transportation or storage expenses, injury to persons or property, work stoppage, impairment of other goods, breach of contract, negligence or other such action as may be deemed or alleged to be cause of a loss or damage to a buyer, its agents or a customer.  (Only the part will be replaced under warranty, labour, travel, gas consumables will be charged for / Call Out’s to check a faulty unit will be charged for)

This warranty will lapse if any repairs whatsoever are carried out by any other than those approved by the main suppliers.

This warranty is not transferable. It is valid only for the original purchaser of the product. This purchaser will be the person who owns the product once installation is completed.

Any repairs carried out under this warranty will not extend the period of the warranty in any way.

Neither AerMart nor authorised service agents shall be responsible at any time during or after the period of this warranty for any loss or damage of whatsoever nature, whether general, special or consequential which may be caused or sustained by the purchaser, whether arising from, connected with or relating to any defect, fault or lack in the product, whether such inability is complete or partial.

Units exported will be covered on a parts basis only, for collection in South Africa, the faulty part to be returned for inspection.  A full service record for the unit to be supplied.