Samsung 36000 BTU Inverter 4 Way WindFree™ Cassette Split R32 Gas – AC100RN4DKG/EU


Coolness without the breeze – WindFree™ Cooling

Samsung’s WindFree™ 4-Way Cassette has specialised blades, adjustable operation and seamless blend of style and utility. It can enact efficiency and sustain cooling comfort in a plethora of environments. The WindFree™ 4-Way Cassette distributes air out through thousands of micro air holes in the panel, producing a dispersed and gentle flow called “still
air”. The uniform air distribution effortlessly keeps a room cool while avoiding the conventional discomfort of cold drafts. Its flexible design means that its easy to maintain, featuring detachable panel and blades.

Smart operation & superior comfort

With its sharp blades, harmonious style and efficiency, the Samsung WindFree™ 4-Way Cassette provides powerful, fast cooling/heating along with minimum energy consumption.  It cools the room to your comfort zone fast, before switching to the WindFree™ Cooling mode to maintain your comfortable environment. The smart system is designed to readjust
itself, allowing you to relax in comfort. The large blades are designed to enable a wide cooling range and good air circulation.