Samsung 36000 BTU Inverter 360 Cassette Split R32 Gas – AC100RN4PKG/EU


All round cooling & comfort

A single glance is enough to reveal that the Samsung 360 Cassette is in a class all of its own and why it is
being specified more and more by architects, consultants and installers as the cassette for upmarket homes
and offices. Not only does the 360 Cassette’s revolutionary new circular shape enhance any interior
design, it’s also a beautiful answer to draft-free climate control. An internal booster fan ensures a perfect
360° horizontal spread of airflow ensuring there are no ‘dead zones’. There are no blades to gather dust,
airflow is increased by 25% over conventional square cassettes, thus ensuring faster cooling or
heating. Where a premium draft-free air conditioning experience is required, the Samsung 360 Cassette is
the obvious choice. For the inner circle who demand only the best.