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LG, one of the worlds leading manufacturers of air conditioners, develops products with an innovative filtration technology designed to improve your environment.

Aer-mart offer a comprehensive range of home and office air conditioning systems from the LG range designed to suit any sized building, space or apartment.

Be it a split room or multi-split room air conditioner unit, LG offer the most sophisticated way to cool your space.

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What are Split and Multi-Split Air Conditioners?

    • Single vs. Multi Units: A split air conditioner connects one indoor system to an outdoor unit whereas a multi-split air conditioner can connect up to 5 indoor units all to a single outdoor unit.
    • Single vs. Multi Zones: A split air conditioner is installed for a single zone whereas a multi-split air conditioner is connected to multiple zone interior spaces.
    • Individual Temperate Settings: A multi-split aircon system allows individual control of room temperature settings despite being connected to multiple zone interior spaces.
  • Installation: Both split and mulit-split aircon units are easy to install and require no ductwork.

The Benefits of Buying an LG Air Conditioner

There are many benefits to buying an LG Air conditioner, including:

  • Units are built with the latest technology to provide the cleanest air for your health.
  • Units are built with the highest quality materials for the utmost reliability.
  • LG offer affordable systems with high energy savings.
  • All air conditioners are built with a high speed and power cooling capacity.
  • They offer the best low noise air conditioners options.

1. Cleaner Air and Better Health

One of the biggest concerns with cooling and heating units is the spreading of germs and harmful substances in the air.

LG aircon units are built with a powerful plasma ionizer which contains over 3 million ions. These ions work together in order to sterilise and deodorise both the air coming in and the surrounding air.

By removing airborne allergens you improve the air quality of a room which in turn creates a healthier room environment.

2. Reliability

LG Air Conditioners are built for the purpose of lasting. With a quick response rate, they are almost 44% faster than other cooling units.

They also have a wide operational or temperature range, from -15 Degrees to 48 degrees making the commercial air conditioners an ideal solution for server rooms, machines rooms and kitchens.

3. Affordable with High Energy Saving Costs

Anyone looking to buy an affordable aircon unit needs to consider the energy consumption costs.

LG’s revolutionary inverter technology has taken energy efficiency to a new level. You can easily control the cooling capacity of your air conditioner to suit your specific indoor conditions in an eco-friendly and efficient manner.

4. High-Speed and Power Cooling Capacity

All LG air conditioners offer high-speed cooling. The unique Jet Cool capacity is designed for the purpose of increasing the overall amount of air output. LG Air Conditioners reach the desired room temperature almost 3 times faster than other cooling units.

This is achieved by blowing out strong air into the room at a low temperature for 30 minutes. With a 10 metre reach, this means that cool air is sent to all corners of the room.

5. Low Noise Air Conditioners

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to purchasing an air conditioner is the noise level, be it the hum of the fan, the rattling of the case or the sound of the compressor switching on, no one wants a loud cooling unit.

LG Air Conditioners are built with high efficiency turbo fans and anti-vibration designs which deliver very low indoor noise levels.

Aer-Mart Air Conditioning is an official, authorised agent for the LG Electronics Air Conditioning Division, and offers a full range of top quality LG air conditioners, with fully available spares.


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