Understanding Air Conditioning Installation

Understanding Air Conditioning Installation

How air cons work

The first air conditioning system developed was by a man named Willis Haviland Carrier in 1902. He worked at a publishing company in Brooklyn and was tasked with solving the humidity problem caused by the machinery at the plant. He designed a system that blew the existing heat in the plant across a set of cold pipes, thus cooling the air. Since cold air cannot carry as much moisture, he reduced the humidity while simultaneously reducing the temperature in the plant. A milestone had been reached.

How are air conditioners installed?

While technological advancements have revolutionised air-cooling systems, the concept remains the same. Air conditioners today have a compressor which works with a gas that is pushed through pipes (known as coils) within the system in a repetitive cycle. As the gas goes through the coils, it cools down and changes to a liquid, which causes condensation on the coils. During this process, the fan on the compressor blows air through the coils, cooling it, and the air is then directed through the vents into the room where the air conditioner has been installed.

Types of air conditioning installations

  • Central air conditioning systems: The central unit distributes cooled air through ducts and is designed to cool an entire building or home simultaneously. Each room or office is fitted with an air conditioner, but they are each connected back to the same power supply that may consist of one or more compressors. T his type of installation needs to be done by a qualified electrician.
  • Split or Multi-split Air conditioners: A multi-split ductless system is similar to a central unit, cooling multiple rooms, but uses tubing to connect the parts to an outside condenser instead of ducts. Easier to install to homes than ducts, the multi-split is more expensive than a standard window air conditioner and requires professional installation. A single of split air conditioner is installed to cool a single room
  • Portable air conditioners: Compact self-containing systems designed to cool only the room they are assembled in, meaning they are each designed with their own built in compressor. They all come with an installation kit, which is easy to follow and doesn’t require the expertise of an electrician. Designed to provide convenient, mobile and affordable cooling for everyone.

Whether you are looking to cool down your home or office, make sure that you consider all the options by getting in touch with a professional team with years of installation experience and a wide range of products.