Different Types of LG Aircons

Different Types of LG Aircons

LG Electronics has been bringing us quality products since 1958 like televisions, cellular phones, radios, and various appliances. LG puts a lot of innovation and work into their products making them a cut above the competition. The appliances LG makes also lead the way in being as environmentally friendly as possible, including the LG aircons. These aircons are really great for the hot parts of the year and can one’s house nice and cool. LG also has a good bit of ENERGY STAR® qualified models, so one does not have to worry about high energy bills.LG has three main types of aircons: window, portable and wall.

Window Aircons

The window LG aircons have all the power of the other aircons and comes in different sizes to fit perfectly inside most homes. The window units vary in power and size to fit most needs. From a small five thousand BTU unit to the larger twenty-four thousand BTU one. Some units feature heating and cooling and are handy all year long. Most units also come with remotes so one can control the aircon with out getting up. The different sizes mean fit different window sizes and shapes, there are units that fit in one half of the window and others that fit a longer window size.

Portable Aircons

The portable units are great for almost any room, and have enough power to cool a large room. The portable units are standing units able to be moved from room to room, and have great features. Some have oscillating air vents to help move the air throughout the room, others include a remote. Some of these great LG aircons have a dehumidification function or an auto evaporation system. The great thing about LG portable aircons is the easy install or lack there of, unlike wall units portable ones just need to be rolled into the room and plugged in.

Wall Aircons

The last type of LG aircons are the wall units, which easily install onto LG’s universal thru-the-wall sleeve. These LG aircons have power ranging from eight toeleven BTUs. These fans also have multi power fan and cooling settings to really customize the soothing condition of the room. On all wall units comes the Gold Fin coating which protects the unit from corrosion. The wall units provide a more long term solution for the cooling needs of the home than the wall and portable, and can be just as easy to have installed.

Whether getting a window, portable, or wall unit getting a LG aircon is a great choice. They all come with great features and are pretty powerful and easy to install. LG has been in the business for a while and still on top of its game when it comes to these great machines.