LG Air Conditioners Keep You Cool Wherever You Are

LG Air Conditioners Keep You Cool Wherever You Are

South Africa has its fair share of uncomfortably hot weather and its during these bouts that people start looking at air conditioners in a new light. During times like this it is not unusual to find an air conditioner working around the clock and you will need to rely on a good brand air conditioner to take the punch. The beauty of buying an air conditioner from a top brand, is that they cater for every need, and LG also offers a versatile portable air conditioner, allowing you to keep cool wherever you are.

Originally known as GoldStar, the company was established in 1958. Known as LG Electronics Group is a South Korean company with different divisions of which air conditioning is one. Some of their air conditioners are wall air-, window air-, casement air-, portable air as well as low profile air conditioners. LG are in fact listed in Greenpeace’s Guide to Greener Electronics, with the aim being to ensure all their appliances are free from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic and brominated flame retardants (BFRs) by 2014.

Air Conditioners to Suit Any Space

The bottom line is that with LG you can cool the whole house or a single room; there is an air conditioner to suit any space. LG air conditioners are known for their advanced technology to reduce energy consumption and this means that this workhorse of an air conditioner is energy efficient so you don’t have to stress about keeping the thing on continuously during a heat wave. LG Conditioners come with remote control so you can always set the air conditioner to a specific temperature or you can adjust the fan speed from anywhere in the room without even getting out of your chair.

You can take your pick from a range of air conditioning units which include single and multi-split air conditioner systems, heat recovery- and multi VTM systems; all designed to ensure you have healthier, cleaner air.

You Get Details on Each Air Conditioner

LG air conditioners have also made it easy for consumers to choose the air conditioner which suits their needs exactly. They offer an assortment of sizes as well as features to choose from, and if you are searching on the Internet, you can select from their range, and they provide full details on each air conditioner.

When it comes to LG air conditioners, the window mounted air conditioner is always a popular choice because of their attractive sleek looks as well as their features; one of which is their allergy reduction filters as well as their Auto Restart which is useful when their has been a power failure, and the Auto Restart automatically gets the unit going again once power is restored.

It pays to go with a trusted and reliable name, and LG air conditioners have been designed to be compact, powerful , attractive and energy efficient; each one coming with a range of innovative features that will suit your needs perfectly.