Aircons also keep us warm in winter

Aircons also keep us warm in winter

Worried about how you are going to keep warm this winter?

Winter is almost upon us once again and since it can often be too cold to delight in all those outdoor activities we enjoyed throughout the summer, staying indoors on a cold and wet day is sometimes the more sensible option. Before you reach into your cupboards and pull out your blankets and thick wool socks and hunt down the hot water bottle, you might want to consider our range of air conditioning systems.

Gone are the days of needing a cooling system for summer and separate heaters around the house for summer, and just occasionally a bit of both for those in between days! Now you can chooses from a selection of systems that, thanks to a reversing valve, turn your air conditioner into a heater by changing the direction of the airflow within the system. You can now choose to heat up your home with your air conditioner at the touch of a button.

Advantages of an air conditioner that doubles as a heater

  • Saving space: With a combined air conditioner, there is no need to invest money in a separate heating system, you can designate space for one unit and enjoy the convenience of both heating and cooling according to your needs.
  • Cost effective: One system takes care of your heating and cooling needs, saving you money on installation fees. With the heat pump requiring less energy than a conventional heater, you also save money on your electricity bill.

So don’t let the declining temperatures leave you cold with fear, contact us today for a quote or more information on how to keep warm this winter without having to spend more money than you should.