Tips on how to keep your air conditioner clean

Are you having trouble with your air conditioning system? In our hot climate, air conditioners have become an almost indispensable part of surviving the day and once you own one, it’s hard to imagine life without it. So the frustration you feel when your air con starts giving you trouble is completely understandable. Sometimes the [...]


Aircons also keep us warm in winter

Worried about how you are going to keep warm this winter? Winter is almost upon us once again and since it can often be too cold to delight in all those outdoor activities we enjoyed throughout the summer, staying indoors on a cold and wet day is sometimes the more sensible option. Before you reach [...]


Understanding Air Conditioning Installation

How air cons work The first air conditioning system developed was by a man named Willis Haviland Carrier in 1902. He worked at a publishing company in Brooklyn and was tasked with solving the humidity problem caused by the machinery at the plant. He designed a system that blew the existing heat in the plant [...]


Portable Air Conditioners – Easy Cooling

Are you tired of a rattling ceiling fan that’s just spreading the existing heat in the room around? Don’t have a swimming pool at home where you can cool off? Do you spend your days fanning yourself with the first magazine or piece of paper you can get your hands on? Are you too dehydrated [...]


LG Air Conditioners Keep You Cool Wherever You Are

South Africa has its fair share of uncomfortably hot weather and its during these bouts that people start looking at air conditioners in a new light. During times like this it is not unusual to find an air conditioner working around the clock and you will need to rely on a good brand air conditioner to take the punch.


LG Aircon Spares For Top Air-Conditioning Maintenance

Air-conditioning is a very important facet of our modern lives where we can control the temperatures of our homes and offices according to our needs and preferences. You will find residential type air conditioners and well as industrial type air conditioners, and when it comes to the various models and their maintenance, the LG aircon spares are recommended for the bet quality services.


Samsung Aircon Spares Keep Your Airconditioner Running Smoothly

Surely one of the greatest devices ever invented is the air conditioner. It is because they provide such relief from piping hot and humid outdoor- and indoor temperatures. If it’s a Samsung, you will no doubt have one of the most prominent type of air conditioners on the market today, and Samsung aircon spares need to be of the best quality, to ensure your aircon runs smoothly and efficiently.


Samsung Aircons Keep Your Air Clean

When it comes to air conditioners, Samsung is clearing the air by introducing multiple ways to keep the air you breathe as healthy as possible. If you are someone who suffers from very bad allergies or frequently battles complications of asthma, then you are already well aware of how important clean hair can be for a person.


Different Types of LG Aircons

LG Electronics has been bringing us quality products since 1958 like televisions, cellular phones, radios, and various appliances. LG puts a lot of innovation and work into their products making them a cut above the competition. The appliances LG makes also lead the way in being as environmentally friendly as possible, including the LG aircons.