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Aermart are a proud reseller of Alliance Air Conditioning Units! Alliance offers both residential and Commercial Air conditioning Units. Browse our gallery below to get a better idea of what will best suit your needs.

Residential Air Conditioners

Alliance Portable Unit

The Portable Unit doesn’t require any sort of professional installation, instead it can be easily transported home and assembled within minutes for use. You can easily move the unit from room to room in your home or office.


  • All units operate off 220V main plug.
  • auto-restart and auto swing mechanism.
  • A washable filter.
  • Each unit has a timer with a programmable sleep mode.
  • All portable units are easy to maintain and come with a self-diagnosis and auto-protection function.
  • Each unit is equipped with a flexible exhaust hose to vent via a window.

Commercial Air Conditioners

Browse our wide range of commercial air conditioners. You can click on the relevant link below to navigate to a specific model or range or simply scroll through all our available models.

Alliance Cassette Air Conditioners

Alliance Cassette

These remote controlled units are ideal for smaller commercial applications or residential areas.

Cassette Range Specifications:

  • Each model comes with a dual heating and cooling capacity.
  • All models within the Cassette range utilises R410A gas for environmental friendliness.
  • An estimated Indoor airflow from 400 to 800 per cubic meter per hour for the 4-way compact cassettes and 871 to 1800 per cubic meter for the R410A cassettes.
  • Each model comes with a 4-way airflow capability.
  • The Cassette air conditioners are quiet and non-intrusive.

Alliance Underceiling Air Conditioners

The underceiling air conditioners are the perfect solution for any large, indoor areas, including:

  • Conference Rooms
  • Hotels
  • Halls
  • Boardrooms
  • Industrial Applications

Range Specifications:

All fans within the range use eco-friendly R410A gas and come with an indoor airflow of up to 2000 cubic meter per house.

Alliance Air Curtain

Also knows as the ‘invisible door’, this air conditioning unit is perfect for shops, offices, restaurants and other retail, and industrial outlets and comes in three models.

The Alliance Air Curtian provides whats we call an ‘open door’ policy. The unit is mounted above entrance doors, promoting a cool, comfortable retail environment while also saving on energy.

Model Specifications:

  • Airflows range from 900 to 2150 cubic feet per hour.
  • The Air Curtain keeps cold air from the warm interiors and warm air from the cooler interiors.
  • It uses minimal energy and boosts the efficiency of the air conditioning.
  • It ensures a clean, protected environment.
  • Remote controlled.

The Alliance Air Curtian is easy to install and maintain and come sin 3 different widths, from 900mmt o 1500mm. In the case of wide doorways and entrances, multiple units can be mounted side by side.

Alliance Rooftop Package Unit

Now with five R410A units, the Alliance Rooftop range ensures highly energy-efficient cooling and heating.

  • Ideal for ducted air conditioning of large, open-plan areas.
  • An indoor airflow of 3000 to 12 000 cubic meters per hour.

Floor Standing Air Conditioners

These units are ideal for large, open-plan retail or commercial areas, including hotels and conference centers. The units provide a cost-effective means of controlling your indoor temperature, be it heating or cooling.

Range Specifications:

  • All units use an eco-friendly R410A gas.
  • An indoor airflow of up to 5100 cubic meters per hour.

R410A MSP Ducted Units

The Alliance R410A Ducted range comes in 3 models: CSU96HD, 150HD and 205 HD, single-phase indoor splits, 3-phase outdoor units.

These units are ideal for restaurants, hotels and office building as the multi diffusers supply air from one indoor supply unit to several rooms.

Alliance R410A Ducted Range Specifications:

  • All air conditioners within this range use Eco-friendly R410A gas.
  • All models come with both heating and cooling capabilities.
  • 3-phase, non-inverter air conditioners.
  • An Indoor air flow of up to 5100 to 10 800 per cubic meter per hour.
  • Each model comes with heat exchanger fins coated with anti-corrosive and hydrophilic layers.
  • All units are easy to maintain and come with multi-measurement systems with self-diagnosis functions.

For more information on purchasing na Alliance Air Conditioner, give us a call today. If you can’t find what you are looking for, then be sure to browse our Samsung Range and LG Range.


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